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Joha 2178 Sprüche Cast of the crutch that killed the pain
The red flag waving never meant the same
The kids of tomorrow don't need today
When they live in the sins of yesterday

Billy Talent - Red Flag
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englischer Spruch  22.10.2009 - 15:49
Spruch-Bewertung: 7,50 Vote:
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Joha 2178 Sprüche There's nothing to lose
When no one knows your name
There's nothing to gain
But the days don't seem to change

Billy Talent - Nothing To Lose
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englischer Spruch  19.10.2009 - 18:32
Spruch-Bewertung: 9,00 Vote:
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Joha 2178 Sprüche How could we end this lie?
I can't pretend this time
I need a friend to find my broken mind
Before it falls to pieces

Billy Talent - This Suffering
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englischer Spruch  17.10.2009 - 19:17
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Su-Ki 5780 Sprüche Never understood how she could,
mean so little to so many
Why does she mean everything to me?
How did I ever let you go?

Billy Talent - Pins And Needles
Trauer & Trost
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englischer Spruch  24.04.2007 - 18:17
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