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Tanja 5438 Sprüche Nice people made the best Nazis.
My mom grew up next to them.
They got along, refused to make waves,
looked the other way when things got ugly
and focused on happier things than ‘politics.'
They were lovely people who turned their heads
as their neighbors were dragged away.
You know who weren’t nice people?

Naomi Shulman
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  16.08.2017 - 09:40
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Joy 4957 Sprüche Your melodie to a harmonie
is echoing insinde my head
a single voice above the noise
is like a commen thread

aus "High School Musical 2"
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  22.07.2016 - 15:13
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see.
Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!

Dr. Seuss
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englischer Spruch  20.11.2014 - 18:36
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche I wake up everyday
planning to be productive
and then a voice in my head says
"haha good one" and we laugh and laugh and take a nap.
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englischer Spruch  24.03.2014 - 10:48
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Joha 2185 Sprüche I thought these things would make me forget
About you and me
But you're stuck in my head
I'm a loser, if I lose her

Simple Plan - Loser of the Year
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englischer Spruch  26.12.2011 - 12:13
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aus Songtexten, Liebeskummer 

Joha 2185 Sprüche You say good morning when it's midnight
Going out of my head, alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
And it's drivin' me mad, I miss you so bad
And my heart heart heart is so jetlagged

Simple Plan - Jetlag
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englischer Spruch  26.12.2011 - 12:08
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aus Songtexten, Liebeskummer 

Lena92 According to Greek mythology,
humans were originally created
with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces.
Fearing their power,
Zeus split them into two separate parts,
condemning them to spend their lives
in search of their other half.
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englischer Spruch  16.10.2011 - 17:55
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche I can't stop thinking about him.
That has to tell you something.
I can't get him out of my head.
And quite frankly, I don't even want to try.
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englischer Spruch  17.07.2011 - 00:44
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche There are so many thoughts in my head.
There are two roads to walk down and one road to choose -
so I'm thinking over the things that you've said.

Dana Glover - Thinking over
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englischer Spruch  18.02.2011 - 11:53
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Joha 2185 Sprüche In my head, I see you all over me.
In my head, you fulfill my fantasy.
In my head, you'll be screaming "no".
In my head, it's going down.

Jason Derulo - In my Head
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englischer Spruch  04.08.2010 - 16:40
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aus Songtexten 

VisionHate I'm the voice inside your head you refuse to hear
I'm the face that you have to face mirrorin' your stare
I'm what's left; I'm what's right
I'm the enemy;
I'm the hand that'll take you down and bring you to your knees
So, who are you?

Pretendet- Foo Fighters
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englischer Spruch  15.05.2010 - 12:17
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Jenly 527 Sprüche I'll be the sun upon your head,
The wind about your face,
My love upon the path you tread,
And upon your wanderings, peace.

Gordon Bok
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englischer Spruch  27.11.2004 - 00:29
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