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Joha 2178 Sprüche [...] being human is being a young child on Christmas Day
who receives and absolutely magnificent castle.
And there is a perfect photograph of this castle on the box
and you want more than anything
to play with the castle and the knights and the princesses
because it looks like such a perfect human world,
but the only problem is that the castle isn't built.
It's in tiny intricate pieces,
and although there's a book of instructions you don't understand it.
And nor can your parents or Aunt Sylvie.
So you are just left,
crying at the ideal castle on the box
which no one would ever be able to build.

from "The Humans" by Matt Haig
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englischer Spruch  12.09.2014 - 12:23
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Joha 2178 Sprüche Every field watered in warriors' blood is sacred ground.
Lay it not to waste, but claim it for our own - for glory [...].

from the card game "Magic"
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englischer Spruch  16.07.2012 - 12:30
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Joha 2178 Sprüche The only thing you really fight for is yourself.
You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play,
to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you.

Captain America in "Marvel's The Avengers"
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englischer Spruch  06.06.2012 - 17:26
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Joha 2178 Sprüche No matter how we try, it’s too much history
Too many bad notes playing in our symphony

30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane
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englischer Spruch  03.04.2011 - 15:09
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