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Volker Harmgardt 1905 Sprüche An jedem Zahn hängt
ein ganzer Mensch.

(16. Jahrhundert)

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nicht einsortierter Spruch  08.07.2017 - 13:01
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Tanja 5459 Sprüche It is disgraceful,
instead of proceeding ahead, to be carried along,
and then suddenly, amid the whirlpool of events,
to ask in a dazed way: “How did I get into this condition?”

Seneca the Younger erlaubterlaubtDer Spruch darf mit Autorenangabe frei verwendet werden, da die urheberrechtliche Schutzfrist abgelaufen ist († 65 n. Chr.)
Pfeil Zur Autorenbiographie

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englischer Spruch  12.03.2016 - 12:41
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pinky 871 Sprüche Close your eyes and dream a dream
an seek the courage to make it real
reflect on the past, envision the future
and embrace today with an open heart and soul

Laurel Burch
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englischer Spruch  15.11.2013 - 18:01
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Loa 914 Sprüche Fall in love or fall in hate.
Get inspired or be depressed.
Ace a test or flunk a class.
Make babies or make art.
Speak the truth or lie and cheat.
Dance on tables or sit in the corner.
Live is divine chaos. Embrace it.
Forgive yourself. Breath.
And enjoy the ride...
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englischer Spruch  08.04.2012 - 23:49
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche Here’s to the crazy ones.
The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers.
The round pegs in the square hole.
The ones who see things differently.
They’re not fond of rules.
And they have no respect for the status quo.
You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
Because they change things.
They push the human race forward.
And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.
Because the people who are crazy enough
to think they can change the world,
are the ones who do.

Apple Computer Inc.
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englischer Spruch  11.07.2011 - 00:32
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche 'There is no love without pain.',
said the rabbit and embraced the hedgehog.
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englischer Spruch  15.02.2011 - 17:36
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