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Joy 4950 Sprüche Please excuse the mess
- the kids are making memories
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  03.07.2017 - 19:47
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Lizzy 14 Sprüche If tears could build a stairway,
and memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
and bring you home again.
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  05.01.2016 - 23:47
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Jellyfish 258 Sprüche Memories...
Memories blur into dreams
Light bleeds into truth Everything unforgiving
Everything becoming hollow
Loneliness consumes
And there is no way back
The places you played
The places you called home
The people you thought you loved
All of them
Reduced to a memory of another life
Life you never lived
All the yesterdays that can't form a tomorrow
All the tomorrows
That never came from yesterday
A new beginning
Because forever Is never forever.
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englischer Spruch  27.02.2015 - 19:10
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.

J.M. Barrie erlaubterlaubtDer Spruch darf mit Autorenangabe frei verwendet werden, da die urheberrechtliche Schutzfrist abgelaufen ist († 19. Juni 1937)
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englischer Spruch  27.03.2014 - 22:54
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche Listening to a song
and remembering all the memories
that go with it
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englischer Spruch  26.03.2014 - 19:44
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Blood 899 Sprüche It's not about who you spend the most time with.
It's about who you had the best memories with.
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englischer Spruch  30.01.2014 - 18:06
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Ellie 313 Sprüche “Mistakes are like the memories you hide in an attic:
old love letters from relationships that tanked,
photos of dead relatives, toys from a childhood you miss.
Out of sight is out of mind,
but somewhere deep inside you know they still exist.
And you also know that you're avoiding them.”

Jodi Picoult - Lone Wolf
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englischer Spruch  15.12.2013 - 22:51
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Ellie 313 Sprüche “How do you know when it's over?"
"Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories
than with the person standing in front of you.”

Gunnar Ardelius
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englischer Spruch  18.08.2013 - 18:02
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