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Onkel Graf When I pray, coincidences start to happen.
When I don't pray, they don't happen.

William Temple
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  19.09.2017 - 12:13
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Tanja 5429 Sprüche “I feel that God made my body perfect the way I was born.
Then man robbed me, took away my power, and left me a cripple.
My womanhood was stolen.
If God had wanted those body parts missing, why did he create them?
I just pray that one day no woman will have to experience this pain.
It will become a thing of the past.
People will say "Did you hear,
female genital mutilation has been outlawed in Somalia?"
Then the next country, and the next, and so on,
until the world is safe for all women.
What a happy day that will be,
and that's what I'm working toward.
In'shallah, if God is willing, it will happen.

Waris Dirie
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nicht einsortierter Spruch  06.02.2017 - 13:19
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Ansch 508 Sprüche I always feel happy,
you know why?
Because I don't expect
anything from anyone,
expectations always hurt.
Life is short, so love your life,
be happy and keep smiling.
Just live for yourself
and before you speak, listen.
Before your write, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you hurt, feel.
Before you hate, love.
Before you quit, try.
Before, you die, live.

William Shakespeare erlaubterlaubtDer Spruch darf mit Autorenangabe frei verwendet werden, da die urheberrechtliche Schutzfrist abgelaufen ist († 23. April 1616)
Pfeil Zur Autorenbiographie

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nicht einsortierter Spruch  05.01.2016 - 23:40
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche Pray today, slide away.
And hide away, no one came.
Holy graves, maiden names.
Take a breath and hold it in and out again.

"A die tonight"
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englischer Spruch  30.03.2014 - 17:24
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche Why do we close our eyes
when we pray, cry, kiss or dream?
Because the most beautiful things in life
are not seen but felt by the heart.
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englischer Spruch  27.03.2014 - 18:39
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Calleigh 810 Sprüche Hunt goes on, deep in the night,
time to pray, down on your knees,
you can't hide from the eternal light,
until my last breath I will fight!

Now realize, the stars they die,
darkness has fallen in paradise.
But we'll be strong, and we will fight,
against the creatures of the night!

"Angel of Darkness"-Alex C.
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englischer Spruch  17.10.2013 - 23:13
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Ellie 313 Sprüche You are the answer to every prayer I've offered.
You are a song, a dream, a whisper,
and I don't know how I could have lived without you
for as long as I have.

Nicholas Sparks
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englischer Spruch  09.05.2013 - 15:48
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Ellie 313 Sprüche A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather.
I was praying that you and me might end up together.
It's like a wishing for rain as I stand in the desert.
But I'm holding you closer than most
'cause you are my heaven.

Ron Pope
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englischer Spruch  09.04.2013 - 21:48
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Loa 914 Sprüche When my arms can't reach people
who are close to my heart,
I always hug them with my prayers.
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englischer Spruch  03.09.2012 - 13:22
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Loa 914 Sprüche Do not pray for an easy life,
pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.

Bruce Lee
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englischer Spruch  16.07.2012 - 18:50
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