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Jellyfish 258 Sprüche You fall in order to get back up.
You get up to face the next challenge.
You face the next challenge to become stronger.
You become stronger to become independent.
You become independent to overthrow.
You overthrow to conquer life.
You conquer life to become the one that stands above.
You become the one that stands above to only be ready
to bring up those who conquer life.
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englischer Spruch  24.05.2013 - 17:47
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Loa 914 Sprüche I'm a strong person.
But every now and then
I would like someone
to take my hand and say
everything will be alright.
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englischer Spruch  16.04.2012 - 19:27
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Mirea 5129 Sprüche People eat meat and think
they will become as strong as an ox,
forgetting that the ox eats grass.

Pino Caruso
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englischer Spruch  22.03.2012 - 01:34
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Tiere, Vegetarismus 

Joha 2188 Sprüche Don't ever let anybody hold you back.
I don't care how strong they are
or how tough they think they are.
You look them straight in the eye and you say:
"I'm better than you.
I'm stronger than you.
And I'm going to win."

from "Moonlight"
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englischer Spruch  06.11.2010 - 20:39
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aus Film und Fernsehen 

Joha 2188 Sprüche If you looked inside a girl
you would see how much she really cries,
you would find so many secrets and lots of lies
but what you'll see the most
is how hard it is to stay strong
when nothing is right and everything is wrong
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englischer Spruch  06.08.2010 - 11:41
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Tanja 5429 Sprüche The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness ist the attribute of the strong.

Mahatma Gandhi
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englischer Spruch  31.01.2010 - 23:05
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Fernöstliches, Zitate 

Animors 123 Sprüche You don't know pain unless you know pleasure.
You don't know what it is to be strong unless you' ve been weak.

from "Animorphs" by Katherine Alice Applegate
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englischer Spruch  31.12.2007 - 18:22
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aus Büchern 

Loa 914 Sprüche My grades need to be higher.
My weight needs to be lower.
My stomach needs to be flatter.
My wallet needs to be fatter.
My skin needs to be tanner.
My teeth need to be whiter.
My heart needs to be stronger.
My friends needs to be uglier.
My face needs to be prettier.
My hair needs to be longer.
My skirt needs to be shorter.
My body needs to be hotter.
My image needs to be cooler.
My boobs need to be bigger.
My waist needs to be smaller.
Society really knows how
to make you feel like shit.
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englischer Spruch  19.12.2011 - 17:19
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Su-Ki 2693 Sprüche We are not afraid,
only make us stronger.
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englischer Spruch  18.07.2009 - 16:59
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Loa 914 Sprüche You never know how strong you are
until being strong is the only choice you have.
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englischer Spruch  08.04.2012 - 23:46
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