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Calleigh 810 Sprüche They're not gray hairs.
They're wisdom highlights.
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englischer Spruch  20.11.2014 - 16:16
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Ellie 313 Sprüche Everyone has a shadow.
And the only way to get rid of a shadow is to turn off the lights,
to stop running from the darkness and face what you fear,
head on.

from "Grey's Anatomy"
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englischer Spruch  08.06.2013 - 16:36
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Alex 216 Sprüche We compare our "behind the scenes"
with the highlights of the others!
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englischer Spruch  13.12.2012 - 06:37
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DumDiDum 46 Sprüche Drop everything now
Meet me in the pouring rain
Kiss me on the sidewalk
Take away the pain
'cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile
Get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down
Give me something that'll haunt me when you're not around
'cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile
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englischer Spruch  10.05.2011 - 20:07
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Mirea 5129 Sprüche Come on, come on the new sensation:
guarantees, then obligations.
Spotlights follow every single move.
Basking here on ten foot stages,
pouty lips and oh so jaded.
All as if we have something to prove.

Rise Against - Entertainment
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englischer Spruch  23.07.2010 - 12:35
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Tanja 5431 Sprüche Life is composed of lights and shadows,
and we would be untruthful, insincere, and saccharine
if we tried to pretend there were no shadows.
Most things are good,
and they are the strongest things;
but there are evil things too,
and you are not doing a child a favor
by trying to shield him from reality.
The important thing is to teach a child
that good can always triumph over evil

Walt Disney
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englischer Spruch  11.07.2010 - 13:38
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Tanja 5431 Sprüche The number of green traffic lights
encountered in the course of travel
is inversely proportional to the urgency of travel.
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englischer Spruch  17.10.2009 - 11:37
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