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Coquerelle 1800 Sprüche Ein Abschlusskommuniqué ist
ein schon lange vorher ausgearbeitetes Dokument,
von dem jeder hofft,
dass es durch den Konferenzverlauf
nicht widerlegt werden möge.

Pietro Quaroni
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deutscher Spruch  28.04.2016 - 09:15
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Alex 216 Sprüche Always remember that you are absolutely unique.
Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead
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deutscher Spruch  27.07.2014 - 11:27
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Ink 33 Sprüche You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way

Lady Gaga
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englischer Spruch  11.12.2011 - 02:38
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche Tomorrow is a blank page,
just waiting to be filled with your dreams...
All you have to do is be yourself
and live the story of your own unique life.
Be proud.
Be confident.
And most of all be happy.
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englischer Spruch  17.07.2011 - 14:36
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Saskia 2282 Sprüche Cling to your imperfections,
they are what makes you unique.
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englischer Spruch  16.07.2011 - 23:59
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Tanja 5429 Sprüche Each second we live
is a new and unique moment of the universe,
a moment that will never be again.
And what do we teach our children?
We teach them that two and two make four,
and that Paris is the capital of France.
When will we also teach them what they are?
We should say to each of them:
Do you know what you are?
You are a marvel. You are unique.
In all the years that have passed,
there has never been another child like you.
Your legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move.
You may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven.
You have the capacity for anything.
Yes, you are a marvel.
And when you grow up,
can you then harm another who is, like you, a marvel?
You must work, we must all work,
to make the world worthy of its children.

Pablo Picasso
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englischer Spruch  01.05.2010 - 10:54
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anonym 37 Sprüche While we have the gift of life, it seems to me
that only tragedy is to allow part of us to die
– whether it is our spirit, our creativity,
or our glorious uniqueness.

Gilda Radner
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englischer Spruch  09.04.2008 - 00:12
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